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Motivation is poor – what can I do about it?

The Covid-19 pandemic has put a hold on all racing and has severely limited the participation of cyclists in their sport. Club riders are restricted with group riding not allowed and many are left with rides of relatively limited distance and focus. Leisure rides continue but subject to the same restrictions of social distancing and…
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Am I addicted to Zwift?

Oh my! Now there’s a question! I’m just about to finish Week 7 of the 10-12 Week FTP Builder programme on Zwift and I know that many will find this odd but I am enjoying it! It’s entertaining, it’s absorbing and it’s a great motivation so I’ll leave you to judge whether or not I’m…
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SuperGranFondo Medio 2018

The inaugural SuperGranFondo was destined to be an amazing race. Even the Medio, although a relatively short race, was going to be epic! At a mere 73 kms with over 2,500 m of climbing the stats would suggest it would be tough. With 45 kms of climbing, two ascents of Col du Galibier (2,642 m)…
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Overcoming Isolation And Making It A Positive

We’re nearing the third week of ‘lockdown’ and self-isolation. For many active athletes it is a difficult and stressful time as we come to terms with many new aspects of life and how it will change. If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to talk to your Coach about your future training…
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How to become an active rider

In a recent article I asked the question ‘Are You an Active or Passive Rider?’ and you will probably have some thoughts about your answer. The concept of active riding is not often considered but it is one of those foundations to off-road riding alongside Core Skills. If you come from a road riding background…
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Are you an active or passive rider?

Riding a bike should be an enjoyable, fun activity but for many who perhaps do not ride regularly, it can be a stressful experience! Usually, this is due to the relationship between your body and your bike. The Passive Rider Most bike riders especially those who ride road bikes (sharp intake of breath) are passive…
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Getting Your Feet On Your Flat Pedals Just Right

Why does foot position on your pedals matter? Getting this right can be the difference between riding through a feature successfully versus being tipped off the bike. So, this is one of my core skills – simple enough to do but with, potentially, huge ramifications!