“Just ride! Ride as much as you can!”

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How often do you hear that when you get a little frustrated because you can’t seem to progress your riding? If I had to guess, I suspect it would be quite a lot and usually from riders who have already acquired the skills you’re trying to develop.

“Just ride!”

It might work to a certain extent but for most of us just riding does not usually help us develop our skills.

Think about it – if it did work, footballers would not train or be coached, they’d just play football and every week they would get better and better. So, let’s agree that riding on its own is not about developing skills but it is about having fun out on the trails.

“Ride as much as you can!”

Now, that is good advice if it is coupled with purpose.

For example, watch a pro rider, such as a downhiller, on Red Bull TV and check out what they are doing during practice. They don’t just ride from the top of the hill to the bottom. They stop, session sections, walk to find the best lines and identify features, etc..

Take that same approach back to your core skills evolution and turn “Ride as much as you can!” into “Ride every day!”.

“Ride every day!”

Yes, ride every day. Just 15 minutes, maybe 30 minutes at most, every single day practicing core skills. Balance drills, body positioning, track stands (or wobbles 😁) – in fact, just play around on your bike. Amazingly, that’s all it will take to see rapid improvements in your riding and the skills drills can be done on the road outside your home or your driveway or your garden or a car park or your local park or … you choose wherever to suit you.

Just 15 to 30 minutes every day. Just imagine what that would do for your skills development but also your well-being.



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