I just love riding bikes!

"I have been lucky enough to ride my bike in some amazing locations in the UK and Europe and it has brought me so much fun, fitness and a real sense of well-being!"


It’s official! Riding a bike is fun. Pedalling through the countryside enjoying the sights and sounds – there’s nothing like it!


Cycling is a great way to get fit and keep fit. Low impact on joints, great for your cardio-vascular system and well-being.


It’s simple – the more I ride, the better I feel within myself. The better I feel, the more I enjoy my riding! It’s a win-win!

RadGrandad Rides Bikes!

I just love riding bikes – the sense of freedom and well-being of riding a bike is just … well, it’s difficult to describe but the buzz you get from reaching a summit or executing a skill well is hard to beat.

About me

I’ve been riding bikes for 25+ years!

There is always something new to experience and learn. I’ve always been curious about developing my own skills and fitness. Now, I’m sharing my own thoughts and insights which I hope you’ll find interesting and, perhaps, will help you with your riding?

I write about …

When the cycling bug bit me more than 25 years ago it bit hard and ever since my first event, a 200 kms Audax, I have continued to explore how to be a better cyclist. I write about a variety of topics and as different aspects of cycling come to mind. In amongst my various ramblings you may find a little ‘nugget’ that will be a springboard to you becoming a better cyclist. I hope you enjoy.

Something To Think About

Our minds govern how we ride and my articles explore the enormous contribution a positive attitude will make to our riding by understanding the negative thoughts that may hold us back.

Skills Evolution

Recently, I bought a mountain bike and immediately realised that my skills were suited to road riding and not MTB! Time to start learning again. Skills evolve and with a little guidance they quickly embed.

Fitness DEvelopment

I’ve long been fascinated with my own fitness and over time I have learned what I need to do to improve fitness and meet the requirements of my riding. I’ll share my insights, guidance and thoughts.